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Electrical Trades Licensing Course

Course Overview

This course has primarily been developed to ensure that persons who have been assessed by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) and have been issued with an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC) in the trade of Electrical Mechanic are provided with the skills and knowledge to be issued with an unrestricted Western Australian Electrician Licence.

Participants in this qualification are typically migrants seeking to apply for Western Australian Electrician's Licence in order to gain entry into the Western Australian Electrotechnology Industry. This course is also used by Energy Safety for competency retraining and as part of the process of upgrading from Electrical Fitter to Electrical Mechanic

This course is not available to persons who have applied through the VETASSES program.

Note: As of January 1, 2013, Energy Safety no longer accepts this course as a pathway for migrants to gain an unrestricted Electrical licence in WA. Only those who have been approved prior to that date are eligible.

Course Content

Course Entry Requirements

All applicants must apply to the WA Electrical Licensing Regulator, Energy Safety for permission to enrol on the course, Applicants must also have a working knowledge both written and spoken English.

Course Duration

WA Electrical Workers Licence

Application for a WA Electrical Workers Licence should made to the WA Department of Commerce, Energy Safety Licensing Branch on (08) 9422 5282 on successful completion of the course.


Cancellation Policy

Student Resources

The Students will be required to purchase the following technical books:

Course Attendance

Total = 80 hours

Course Fee


Course Dates and Fees

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